KMD Coin Asset New Features AtomicDex Advanced Listings Release 2022

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Published initially with AtomicDEX Desktop v0.5.5, Komodo, a blockchain solutions ecosystem, announced a desktop application update for its decentralised exchange.

Thirty-seven new crypto asset listings and other improvements are included in the v.0.5.5 release. AtomicDEX charges no fees to market makers and 0.13 per cent to market takers, with cross-chain gas fees for most supported blockchains being insignificant.

In addition, there are some new listings available. GLMR, BTTC, WHIVE, GALA, USDIDOI, TFT, PGX, PRCY, IC, S4F, BABYDOGE-BEP20, BANANO-BEP20, BONE-ERC20, BONE-ERC20, DIA-ERC20, DIA-BEP20, DOGEDASH-BEP20, DOGGY-BEP20, FLOKI-BEP20, FLOW-BEP Notes for AtomicDEX Desktop Version v0. 5.

5 Features Calculate the amount of money sent in fiat. For tokens, display the contract address. Add “Tokel Pubkey” option to the Wallet tab to disable all assets with a balance of 0 (to enable NFT-. Token via AtomicDEX). Enhancements The appearance of the pie chart has been improved.

The appearance of the login page has been enhanced. For non-tradable assets, add a “wallet only” designation. There are a few minor UI tweaks. A few tiny UI design tweaks There have been numerous UI changes. Improvements to the code StyleImprovements Volume bars in pro- have been corrected now.

Purchase a book. As part of Continuous Integration, several tweaks and upgrades have been made (CI). Screenshots of the most recent updates Users now have many choices to deactivate inactive assets when right-clicking on any item in the Portfolio tab’s list.

Users can choose between Simple View (added in v.0.5) and Pro View in the DEX tab. A complete summary of the fees for each transaction is included now in the Exchange Details Confirmation pop-up window. Users can now choose the amount they want to send in cryptocurrency units or the real-time equivalent in fiat currency on the Wallet tab.

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